martedì 30 agosto 2011

Arnie Inspires Female Body Building Champ


The Daily Mail newspaper today interviewed inspirational female body builder Linda Gartside, who has gone from junk food binger to body building champion in just two years.

For years, Linda hid her binge-eating disorder from friends and family by racing to the gym for gruelling cardio work-outs in order to maintain her weight.

The unhealthy diet of cake, chocolate and crisps was taking its toll, but luckily, Linda turned to a book that her mother bought her at the age of 15 – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arnold: Education of a Body Builder. Always an Arnie fan, Linda resolved to turn her cardio sessions into body building sessions and her junk food into a diet of healthy meals and whey protein shakes.

Last September she was sufficiently confident to enter the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association (NABA) competition, winning second place. Since then she has entered four more NABA competitions in the past year, winning two and coming fifth in the World Championships in Brazil in June.

“Body building has saved me, while everyone else is thinking win, win, win, I’m thinking I don’t want to end up obese,” she told The Mail.


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