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Elliott Hulse’s Strength Questions & Answers

“You’ve got strength questions, I’ve got your answers!”

I’ll be trying something new this year.  It’s a way for you to get all of your questions answered and for me to help more people with their strength, fitness and personal development challenges.

It’s called “Yo! Elliott” which is a 3-5 time per week video blog I’m hosting on my YouTube Channel.

Basically, I’ve you’ve every asked me a question via e mail you’ve probably gotten an automated response since I get about one gazillion questions per day and have a hard time keeping up with them.  So THE SOLUTION is for me to answer your questions for everyone to benefit from by posting them on YouTube.

Here is how it works.

If you have a question about strength, sports, fitness or personal development that you’d like for me to answer just post a video response on my youtube channel and I’ll create a video answer for you to see.  All of the instructions on how to do this are on youtube.

Now, I totally understand that a lot of people do not even have a youtube account.  So, if that is you then know that you can still post your questions on my Facebook Fanpage wall where I usually get around to checking once a week.  And of course you can post comments on my blog posts.

BUT, YouTube gets top priority…. so, don’t get upset if I don’t get back to your facebook or blog questions right away (or ever).  I hate to be “that guy”, but this is just the way it is folks ;)

I’ve got 4 women at home screaming for my attention, a newborn son, a gym to run and my own training to do…  but I love answering your questions too, I just need a method for prioritizing them.  And YouTube video questions get top priority.  (of course if you are a customer you can get in touch with my assistant at by hitting the contact button above or CLICK HERE.)

So anyway… below you’ll find some of my Yo! Elliott videos answering your questions… I really hope this new format is helpful to you.  Love ya!

Go here for my YouTube account –>

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