domenica 21 agosto 2011

Over 20,000 Facebook Fans Flock to the Bodybuilding Warehouse

Social networkers have been flocking to the Bodybuilding Warehouse‘s Facebook page, which this week celebrated its 20,000th fan.

With more than 20,000 people now having clicked the ‘Like’ button for the Bodybuilding Warehouse, the great news about its fantastic bodybuilding supplements has been spread to more Facebook users than ever.

For Bodybuilding Warehouse, the surge of interest in the company and its bodybuilding supplements has been a great boon – and for bodybuilders themselves, seeking the very best in muscle building supplements such as whey protein shakes and some of the top names in fitness science, the ever-increasing profile of its fan page has made it easier than ever to ensure that they are getting the highest quality products at the very best price.

A spokesman said: “We are thrilled that over 20,000 bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are turning to Bodybuilding Warehouse for product information and sales

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