martedì 16 agosto 2011

Steroid Use OK'd for New Jersey Police Officers

If you’re a police officer in New Jersey wanting to do a cycle, it’s ok…just get a prescription plus a physical and psychological evaluation, and you’re good to go. A new bill introduced into the state assembly on Monday, would require health evaluations before law enforcement could be prescribed anabolic steroids and/or growth hormone. The bill would also add the drugs to the list of substances the department would test for.This bill was introduced when the Newark Star-Ledger newspaper began a series of articles proving widespread steroid use by both police and firefighters.Why not give routine psychological and physical evaluations to police officers who aren’t on steroids? I’ve seen more than a few badges pinned neatly over a beergut, and can remember outrunning cops on Mischief Night when I was 15, while the last time I saw a Federal Agent, I was shocked at their obvious lack of fitness. And as for psychological evaluations, I think anyone who spends the majority of their day with a deadly weapon strapped to their waist ought to be tested regularly.But hey, that’s just me… I doubt this bill will do much to stem the tide of officers using anabolic steroids, and I don’t even know if it’s going to be constitutional for such a bill (that apparently supersedes doctor/patient confidentiality).

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