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Top 5 Motivational Psych Up Techniques

First, I am super impressed with all of the awesome responses to this contest. With almost 100 entries between Facebook and blog comments it was pretty tough deciding who was the absolute awesomest.

Many of you really understand the deeper science behind the emotional triggers for psyching up… and I’m sure you’re results are nothing short of fu*king AMAZING!

Well, the following 5 entries happen to be my personal favorite… so, that means they win!  Each winner will be e mailed a copy of my new online DVD “The Science Of Psyching Up”.

For the rest of you guys… thanks for entering and don’t fret!  On Tuesday Alex Maroko is launching his Truth About Quickness 2.0 System and I’ll be giving away a free copy of The Science Of Psyching Up to anyone who invests in his program.–> Click Here For More Details About This FREE Offer

Okay… so, here are your winners!

–> Stephen

“nobody can give you freedom, nobody can give equality or justice or anything.
if you’re a man you take it”

malcolm X

i also love visualization, i’m a meticulous person so when i see myself doing something i see me dominating it and doing it with picture perfect technique whatever the thing

angry music of course is what of my favorite way to psyche up

i also have a philosophie that i call “the flow”: (i warn you it may sound a bit strange lol)

when you do something you got to be constantly moving you got to be align with the flow of universe
you always have to do something it’s a bit similar to the bruce lee thing

“be like water”

adapt the flow to the task and you gonna have the necessary energy to succeed


–> Lachlan

“I think the best way to get psyched up, is to visualize your self being successful, seeing your self doing everything that you want to do on game day, dominating your field, then associate a trigger with it, in your head so that u associate it with that trigger, and then when u need to perform u use ur trigger. but this takes a bit of practice to use properly, so if ur looking for an external source ive found the best video is, I found this is the best video to get psyched up just right before competing this is the way to go, my fav psych up vid of all time”

–> Jon

Videos, poems, visualization imagery, memories, & stories are all great motivators. But the thing that really boils my blood and ignites the fire is Facebook.

When logged in you become the unseen witness to people’s thoughts, emotions, demeanors, attitudes, beliefs, judgments, comments, and worldviews. I find I can’t help but react with divine ferventness to battle all the negative, lame, weak, victimized, pathetic rants. To overlook the hatred, violence, of dissenting opinions – to stand steadfast against the disapproval, discouragement of grand visions, dares, risk and big dreams. The comments made with no regard or respect to others, just to please the ego. Blaming external factors & creating excuses instead of owning it and taking responsibility gains popularity as well as acceptance. It hits home at a higher intensity because these are people I usually know and care for.

The sum of all these factors is more than enough for me to get my ass into gear because I absolutely despise being a weaker (weak minded, weak body, weak soul) man. If I am to expect everyone else to rise to a higher standard, I must be the one to first demonstrate and live it.

The trick is to channel all that raw emotion into energy to absolutely crush it on the immediate goals. I find PRs come easily on those days.


–> Mohammed

Note; This is usually before games.

I need 2 orchestral (trailer music basically) songs, a calm one (e.g.Now We Are Free) and one that gives you goosebumps and gets my blood rushing.(e.g. Dark Side of Power) The trick is to only listen to these songs before games, NOWHERE ELSE or they LOSE THEIR EFFECT.

I play basketball so I’ll hold a basketball(if you play another sport you can hold another piece of equipment) in my hands, and I’ll close my eyes. While listening to the first song I’ll relax my whole body and do meditation-type breathing and not even think about basketball, attempting to actually think about nothing. Once that’s done, put the 2nd song on. Squeeze the basketball harder and start visualizing powerful things that can happen in the game (monster blocks, vicious dunks, etc.) As the song ends, I’ll smack the basketball down like a medicine ball ONCE, as hard as I can. Once the song is over, lace up and begin warm-up, ready to crush whatever poor creature lies in your way.

–> “Facebook User” (I’m not sure who you are, but I had to choose you because I love Rulon Gardner)

Easy! Close my eyes and picture Rulon Gardner standing on the podium smiling with his olymipic gold medal after beating the unbeatable monster Alexsander Karelin! The frown on the Russian’s face is priceless! The under dog ruled the day!



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