venerdì 23 settembre 2011

Is 5 Sets of 5 All wrong for Gaining Muscle?


Ever wonder how many reps you should do to build muscle?  You’ve probably heard that 5×5 is superior.  Or the 8-12 rep range is optimal.  The Max-OT system by AST is geared for the 4-6 range for optimal muscle and strength gains.

It’s confusing and frankly, I have had luck and success with every range.  But it’s worth further discussion.

This new article is probably going to really irritate some of the strength coaches who told that you should ONLY lift weights in the 5 rep range…

But then again, the author doesn’t seem to care about THEM…

Being a body-builder, Tom Venuto (the author), claims that if you want to gain the MAXIMUM amount of muscle, then he has the true answer to how many reps you should really be doing:

Read: How Many Reps Should You Do to Build Maximum Muscle?

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