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Learn how to do body building

Gain weight fast? To a world obsessed with getting skinny, this can seem an odd goal. But there are those of us who have workout goals that go against the grain. We need to know how to gain weight. Not just any weight, but Lean Muscle Weight.
Body Building Manual

How to Gain Weight & Build Muscle Fast!!
This site is a guide to gaining weight and building muscle for...

The Hardgainers
The "Too Skinny" Ectomorphs
The Genetically Unblessed Majority
Those Desperate to Gain Muscle
Scientifically proven methods, combined with training that accelerates muscle growth exponentially!

With a little intelligent bodybuilding training, you can build muscle mass and gain weight fast. Whether you choose to follow the weight gain plan of someone who has successfully gone before you (check the top program reviews) or design a program yourself, this site can help you achieve your muscle building goals.
Discover Unique Training Concepts Which Result in Fast Gains
Which Supplements Are Worth While
Fuel Your Body, Trigger Your Bodies Muscle Building Hormones

To be frank, training and dieting to change your body isn't easy. In fact, it's a minefield of misinformation that awaits anyone who wants build a great body.

From magazines, commercial's, and the personal trainer at your local gym. Everyone seems to have a theory, workout, exercise or formula that is meant to lead you on the path to growth and perfect abs..

So the question we always asked is "Who can you trust to deliver the straight-up facts?"

…and that's why we created "The Solid Bodybuilding Training Program". We wanted a training program designed to slice through the chaff and cut straight to the heart of the matter. A training program that we could take to our clients at the gym and where its intentions were spelled out in no uncertain terms right from the start, too build good quality muscle, burn fat and make you a look great and a whole lot healthier.

This program is not for the woman trying to get her body back after pregnancy and it's not for the middle-aged couples who seek to maintain their health and vitality with a moderate whole-body routine.

It's not even for the man who only wants to add a few solid pounds and get a little leaner by hitting the gym once a week.

You'll Discover Unique Training Concepts Which Result in Massive Gains
Exactly Which Supplements Are Worth While & Which Are Total Junk
Fuel Your Body Whilst Triggering Your Bodies Muscle Building Hormones

This training program is written for one very specific audience – those who want to add fat-free MUSCLE, period!

If you want soft, "mainstream" advice, go somewhere else; but if you're serious about hitting the heavy iron and revamping your eating habits to get the body you want, then you've come to the right place.

So what have we done and why this is different! Well like we said, we wanted some that we could use to train are clients at the gym, we need a program that guaranteed results and gave them want they demanded.

As we all have science degrees in sports and nutrition we started with want we knew best "science", and then added our passion 'bodybuilding'. We reached every know thing about building muscle and combine it with science.

We created what is now the Solid Bodybuilding Program. Want we didn't know was the how successful it would be. It was a big hit in our gym. We had people begging us to become their personal trainers and help them to build solid muscle. Why?

For the first time we had something different. A Training Program that didn't require you to eat like a horse and build up lots of body fat. With us our client were using your own body's muscle-building capabilities to produce natural anabolic cycles that accelerated muscle growth.

Our clients were getting dramatic results following our program.

We had a core group of clients that were serious about getting the perfect body they wanted, so we created a Personal Training bundle based on the Solid Bodybuilding Program; (In the UK the going PT rate is £50 / $80), so; Three Personal Training Sessions per Week following the Solid Bodybuilding Program for Twelve weeks was $2'880.00. We know this sounds a lot, but this was One 2 One Training.

After twelve weeks of following our program, doing the weights, the correct amount of cardio and getting the right nutrition, they looked GREAT!!

We soon found that it was common for both those beginning and the more experienced weight trainers to add 10, 15, even 20 pounds of quality muscle in 12 weeks on our program. And that was muscle that would keep, for good.

Though some of these clients were overweight then they started (the reason why the joined the gym), we discovered that our program work wonders for them, they added muscle and got lean. We know it's biologically impossible change fat into muscle, but on our program enable them to burn off the excess fat and, in effect, replace it with lean solid muscle. Making them look great!! and a whole lot healthier.

You have heard of the TV series 'The Biggest Looser' well this is the 'Bodybuilding's Biggest Muscle Builder'; your body has no choice but to add slabs of muscle.

Our program undisputable works! It works because it's based on science, years of body building experience, and not hype. And it gets results because it works with your body's natural cycles rather than against them.

What happen next?… well time is limited and there is a limit on the amount of people you can PT each day and we also wanted to give our existing clients some they could use to continue their training. So we drafted the first version of the Solid Bodybuilding Training Program into a book called "Get Big and Fit" and printed 500 copies, I know not the most catching name for a book.

But it worked, our exiting twelve week clients got the book for free, and everyone else is cost $97.00 inclusive of direct consultation with us… We Sold Out!!

Our success, gave us a problem, we didn't want to stop selling our training program, but we also wanted to get back to our passion, bodybuilding, and getting in shape and not selling books.

So we redraft the program to be sold online. But we had to make some big changes, because unlike our gym clients, we wouldn't be able to give you the one 2 one contact they had.

So we the big change, was adding a lot more material, giving you everything you would ever need to know of do to get the body you want. In fact want you are getting is a bible on how to build muscle, burn fat, cardio, nutrition, editable training schedules and a whole bunch of hints & tips.

Now you know that our 'Twelve Week Training Program with Personal Training Sessions' sold for $2880.00 and our book 'Get Big and Fit' sold for $97.00. We believe that our online "Solid Bodybuilding Training Program" is worth at least $97.00 will all the new material, but we are going to give it away for only $27.00, Bargain Price!

Now… I need to warn you a bit about this muscle-building program. The fact is, you've never read anything like this before.

You must throw away all your preconceptions about bodybuilding. You must develop a long-term perspective, this is a twelve week program and always remember that muscle training is not an instant gratification activity.

You must understand that any sacrifices you have to make today will be worth it tomorrow and will pay-off with the development of a first-rate muscle.

Knowing how to Building Solid Muscle
Muscle Building Training Principles
Principle: Getting the Right Amount of Variation
Principle: Know How Hard you Should be Training?
Principle: What is Progressive Resistance
Principle: What does it mean to train to Muscle Failure?
Principle: Recovery - When do I need to Chill Out?
Principle: Understanding Eccentric or Negative Muscle Training
Principle: Should I Limit the Movement of My Repetitions?
Principle: Nourishment – Whats Good and Not So Good
Principle: Supplements - Are they Just a Waste of Time?
Multi- Vitamin/Minerals -do they Really Matter?
Anti-Oxidants and what do they do?
Principle: Get the Right Attitude
Muscle Building & Getting the Shaping
Twelve Different Weekly Muscle Building Training Programs
Twelve Week Nutritional Training Guide
The Best Method to Tracking Your Progress
What to Do Next
Training Tips for Building Massive Muscle
Fourteen Health and Fitness Myths You Need to Know
Using Free Weights within your Training Program
How to Get Your Form Perfect and Why it is Important
To Guarantee Gains, Avoid Overtraining at All Cost
Common Mistakes People Make at the Gym
Resistance Exercises
What Cardio Exercises do you Really Need to do?
Muscles and Reverse Training

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