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Body Builder Becomes First UK Taser Victim

Taser Gun
Creative Commons License photo credit: hermanturnip

A well-known local body builder in Barrow-in-Furness became the first person believed to have been killed by a taser last week, Cumbria Police have confirmed.

A spokesman said that Dale Burns was confronted by police officers after they were called to a possible domestic disturbance at his house on Tuesday evening.

While trying to arrest the body builder and father of two, he was tasered three times and was eventually taken to Furness General Hospital by officers when he “became unwell” following the arrest. He was pronounced dead less than three hours later.

Mr Burns had worked as a gym instructor in the local area as well as entering regional body building and judo contests, his family said.

Flexappeal Gym owner Stan Dewhurst told reporters: “Dale was a good lad – he worked for me at the gym for five years. He was very dedicated and hard-working and he was a good dad.”

The Independent Police Complaints Commission has begun investigating the death.


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