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Dress For Success

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breitling Dress For SuccessMy good friend and one of my business mentors, Alwyn Cosgrove just released his brand new program today called “From Counting Reps to Counting Revenue.” So in keeping with the theme of the last week I want to offer another small business/success tip which I think can make a big difference. This info is for trainers and coaches but really applies to every business where you will be interacting with people.

One thing I will never do when training people is wear old school sweatpants or those swooshy wind pants that trainers love (nobody hates those more than my buddy, Craig Ballantyne, just FYI). It just seems so 90's. I mean, why not add a fanny pack while you’re at it?

When you look like everyone else you will get grouped in with them. You need to stand out and look professional. Especially if you are training people in a public gym.

I only wear loose fitting, nice cargos when I train people. So they’re not sweat pants yet I could still move around and train and demonstrate exercises.

Like Jerry told George, when you leave the house in sweatpants you’re really telling the world I’ve given up. I can’t make it in this society…  so at least I’ll be comfortable.

I just picked up a new pair of cargos yesterday that were Ralph Lauren sport or something. They were insanely expensive, close to $200. But you have to look professional and successful when you’re working. Especially if you want to charge people a lot of money to train with you.

If someone wants to train one on one with me I’m going to charge them more than the cost of those pants for a single session. So I need to look the part. I can’t be rolling up in some ragged clothes that I look like I pulled them from the dumpster.

I know that’s a cool look for hipsters and what not but unless you’re an actor or rock star it’s not always the best idea to show up for work dressed like that. I’d probably avoid the hipster mustache too.

I see guys training people in the gym all the time wearing old shitty looking sweatpants and sneakers and it causes me second hand embarrassment. I mean have a little pride in your appearance.

If it’s summer cargo shorts will most likely be a  more professional look than basketball shorts but you could get away with some nice Nike shorts or something as well, I suppose. It really depends on the person and the situation. Just make sure they’re clean and newish looking.

I’m not big on material possessions and would honestly be fine owning a handful of t-shirts, a pair of jeans, shorts and flip flops. To be honest with you, when I go out on a Friday night my style of dress is probably no different than it would be if I was in college right now. I’m never gonna be a button down shirt, shoes and Dockers kind of guy. And that’s fine. But you have to look presentable and professional.

Sure Vibrams are better for you than a pair of $150 Nikes but most people don’t know that. If someone hires you and you show up the first time wearing what most people think are aqua socks that could send a bad impression. I’d recommend the New Balance Minimus or Merrel Trail Gloves instead.

Dave Tate once gave me a great piece of advice many years ago when my career was taking off and I was meeting with more and more influential people who could help me in a lot of ways. He told me that since I could now afford it I should buy a five thousand dollar watch. I thought he was nuts and told him that I hate spending big money like that on material possessions. He then explained how in business situations rich and successful people will almost always notice your watch. When they see it’s a Breitling like I wear now as per Dave’s advice, they look at you and treat you differently and are more apt to make deals, etc. Especially when you look like Dave does or like I do with the full sleeves and all. It sounds silly or materialistic but this is the reality of the world we live in. As rebellious as I have been since birth I still know that you have to play the game in certain situations if you want to succeed in life.

Sure, it doesn’t fit in with the minimalism concept I prefer to live by but I have no problem breaking the rules here and there if it’s going to change the way people perceive you and thus allow you to become more successful or have opportunities you might not have had otherwise. At the end of the day we all work to make money. So if you can help yourself do that more efficiently by looking more professional you’d be a fool not to.

One of the other best pieces of advice you can remember is to always leave the house dressed for success. Even if you’re just running to the store for some paper towels.

You never know who you are going to meet or what opportunity could be awaiting you.

So always look your best and be prepared to give someone your business card or make a deal of some sort without having to hang your head in embarrassment or explain why you look like a homeless guy.

If you’re in the fitness/ strength & conditioning industry and would one day like to be able to afford as many five to ten thousand dollar watches as Alwyn Cosgrove can I highly recommend picking up his new course,  “From Counting Reps to Counting Revenue” today.

Click HERE now to check it out.

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