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Healthy Faux Fried Chicken & Asparagus/Miracle Rice Cabbage Rolls

Wow, I can’t believe the competition is coming so fast! It seems like it has totally taken over my life- seems like I don’t have time for anything anymore! I am enjoying the process, but dang! Still skeptical I can achieve the desired physique in such a short amount of time, but my coach reassures me I’m fine, so I persist.

Notables of today: did my workout, kicked my own butt, WOO! …I did NOT go to jiu jitsu, which is very sad, because I decided to take a break from it in these last 5+ weeks pre contest, as I think my body is kind of rebelling with my knee hurting because so much training is producing excess cortisol throughout my system, spreading inflammation. So I have to rest when I can, which is not often. SO, no “extra” sports at the moment.

I- what do you know- spent this afternoon grocery shopping, preparing, cooking, cleaning, measuring, etc…And it’s so late! That’s what I’m saying! Where did the time go! At least tonight I made some fun stuff :)

First up:

Asparagus Mixture Cabbage Rolls


Here is what I did: Steam a full head of cabbage in water for like 10 minutes til you can pull off the large leaves. Make a mixture of a ton of dried minced onion, fresh minced garlic, steamed chopped asparagus, low sodium soy sauce, the magical miracle rice


which I MUST tell you about in another blog post, egg whites, Torani sugar free peanut butter syrup, cilantro, thyme, and the star of the show: organic basil leaves.


I mixed all but the basil leaves with my hands


scooped it into the cabbage shells, topped with fresh basil leaves, and rolled them up. Then I topped them with a bit more of the mix (minus the asparagus and miracle rice). I baked it in the oven for about 20 min at about 350. When they came out, they were yummy! The basil was a DEFINITE highlight- don’t skimp! I of course am eating everything with Trader Joe’s garlic mustard, so I had my cabbage rolls with mustard.

Secondly I made (and consumed)

Faux Fried Chicken


Here is what I did:

Make a dry mixture of Quaker oatmeal, FiberSmart


chili powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, Mrs. Dash extra spicy, cumin, curry powder. Dip boneless skinless chicken strips into a bowl of egg whites, then dip into the dry mixture.


Cook the chicken strips at around 425 for 25 min. Yummers! Of course I dipped these faux fried- HEALTHIFIED- chicken tenders in their sauce. Trader Joe’s garlic mustard that is!! Bwahah. Don’t leave your mustard ’round me, true playa for real!

And now I have a lot of work I am backed up on. Gotta get to it!

Loads of lots of love~~


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