lunedì 28 novembre 2011

Power Clean Transition

For many lifters who were self-taught, or poorly taught, at the beginning of their lifting career, the tendency is to catch all lifts in the “power” position.  "Power" just refers to where you receive the bar.  Anytime you catch the bar, snatch or clean, in a partial squat above 90 degrees it is considered a power snatch or power clean.  When you catch the bar deep in the hole it is called a snatch or clean, this is also called a squat snatch or squat clean.  If you start from the hang, it would be a hang power clean catching it above parallel, or a hang clean (hang squat clean) starting from the hang but catching it in the hole.The transition from the performing a Power Clean to a full Clean (or Squat Clean) can be a hard adjustment.  Novice lifters, without a ton of practice performing the lifts, will often spread their legs, in an attempt to lower their body in the catch position.  Spreading the legs, rather than squatting under the bar, works somewhat in the short term but long term delays progress.  When the legs are spread, meaning outside of normal hip-width or shoulder-width position used when squatting, puts you in a position where you are unable to go under the bar. The best remedy for this problem is practice; tons and tons of practice.  All lifts should be the full lifts until the habit to ‘power’ everything is broken. Even if you catch the bar high, and then immediately squat down, it should eventually work itself out.  When squatting down quickly after the catch you still will need to be in a good position to go under, much better than the laid back-legs spread approach. At the lighter weights you will have to force yourself down, but the repetition will be good for you.  Once the bar reaches the maximal height of the pull force yourself under the bar, as forcefully as you pull on the bar, and good things will happen. The heavier the weight, the lower the height of the bar, and the faster you will have to get under into the full squat clean. As I have previously stated; going under the bar is an active movement.  Do not let the weights passively pull you down.  As legendary American coach Joe Mills instructed his lifters, “stand up and jump down”. 

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