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Samurai Strength Episode 0 – Ask Me Your Weightlifting Questions


I get a lot of emails from readers asking me questions about how to do this or that in weightlifting.  How do I rack a front squat?  How do you stop from jumping forward during a clean/snatch?  Why can’t I seem to lock out my arms? Etc.

So, I’ve decided to start a new video series called “Samurai Strength” which will answer any and all questions that you might have about your Snatch … or clean, jerk, squat, diet, routine, whatever.  These do NOT have to be specifically Olympic Lifting questions.  They can be general strength training questions, or whatever.  But, the focus is certainly about technique and general “How To” questions.

There are NO stupid questions in this series!  It is FOR beginners, Crossfitters, and anyone who is just starting out, or hasn’t been doing it long, and honestly doesn’t know what to do next.  

Why video?

Because learning technique is very very hard to do off of the printed page.  (Trust me!  I first tried to learn all of this out of a book.  Man was THAT a disaster!!)

Try to be fairly specific if you can.  Questions like, “How to Powerclean?” are remarkably broad topics that could take me many many videos to cover.  So, instead, a better questions is, “How do I stop catching a power clean with my elbows down?”, for instance.  

Ask Me Your Questions

Go down to the comments sections and start asking away.  I’ll start making videos to answer those questions.  And, we’ll all be happy! :)


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