martedì 30 agosto 2011

Arnie’s Childhood Museum Display’s Star’s Bodybuilding Roots


Body building Icon Arnold has opened his childhood home in Austria as a museum this week, dedicated to the ex-Mr Universe turned Hollywood action hero and latterly governor of California, turned 64.

The home is in the Austrian village of Thal, where Arnie lived until 1966 at the age of 19.

The museum, called “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Birth House Museum,” features exhibits such as a set of his first body building dumb bells, his childhood bed and a motorbike he rode as his star turn in The Terminator. It also features the original pit toilet from the 1950s and a fully-fitted 1950s kitchen.

Arnie’s interest in body building began in Thal, and the museum demonstrates his lifelong interest, with trophies and photos galore, as well as his original home work-out pulleys and weights machine. It also details his training, diet and supplements regime, and explains how his body building successes eventually led to Hollywood super stardom.

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