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The Prolific Practice Of Bad-Assery (and bending nails)


Dirk Gorman is a bad ass.

Basically,  he lives life by his own rules.

If there is something he wants, he goes and gets it.

If there is something that he doesn’t like, he says something about it.

If he thinks you’re being a pussy, you’ll know right away.

He purposefully seeks out challenging shit to do, just to force himself to get stronger!

Like right now he has decided to take up the bad ass practice of intermittent fasting and heavy lifting in order to more build dense muscle, cultivate discipline and ignite super human vitality.

Dirk owns a company that sells medical hardware… screws and stuff.

While the US economy is starving and atrophied, his company is growing like its on steroids.

Why? — Because he only hires other bad asses (to sell $10,000 screws to surgeons!).

When I interviewed Dirk for The Manifesto Of Strength he told me a story about his crazy interview and hiring practices.

First, if you want to get a “formal” interview with Dirk’s company you might first have to join him and his hard core sales staff for a BEAST workout that consists of stone loading, tire flips and sled dragging.

If you agree to join them at 5:30 am for the workout… you’ve passed the first test.

Next, if you show up for the workout and complete it without puking, passing out, pissing on yourself or pussying out… you’ve passed the second test.

Then, and only then, do you get an opportunity to wash up and meet Dirk in the office for a man to man talk about how you might be invited to join his medical sales mafia.

The Prolific Practice of Bad Assery is built upon your courage to embark on and succeed in activities that most fragile, soft-palmed pansies tuck their tails under their tushies and fearfully back away from.

Bad Asses thrive on danger, insecurity, perseverance and the thrill of chasing unreasonable goals.

They hate MEDIOCRITY and anything that smells like laziness (or a Double Daisy Chocolate Frapachino from Startbucks)!

To become a bad ass you’ve got to practice bad assery!

You can’t read about it.  You can’t take a course.  You can’t even pay $1,000,000 to join the club.  You’ve got to PRACTICE it.  You’ve got to PROVE IT… just like the guys who want to join Dirk Gorman’s Fight Club!

All… ALL BAD ASSES choose to fight.

We might not all or get conscripted or to choose fight bloody wars overseas in order to protect greedy commercial interests and tyrannical government agendas.

We might not all “live on the edge” by sprinting down crowed streets on crotch rockets.

Most of us will never give our lives to become martyrs of a cause we believe in with all of our blood and soul… the likes of Martin Luther King and Gandhi are few and far between.

But ALL Bad Asses choose to fight.

I once chose to fight and become a Professional Strongman.

Now I choose to beat my body into enduring shape to compete in a psychotic race of strength and will in March of 2011.

Dirk and his 300 warriors choose to prepare for battle in the marketplace by enduring brutal physical workouts and character challenging fasts.

ALL Bad Asses choose to fight.

And they all TRAIN to fight… in strength, endurance, spirit, will and life!

I invite you to join a fight… here are a few challenges for you:

The Tough Mudder Race (I’m doing this)

Nail Bending Contents (my friend Jedd teaches you how in his new DVD… that is him in the picture above.  Bending nails is pretty bad ass!)

Reach A 315, 405 or 500 Pound Bench Press

Lose Fat By Fasting (this has become my new lifestyle habit)

Start Your Own Online Business (this is where I started)

What are you fighting for?

How are you practicing your Bad-Assery?

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