sabato 27 agosto 2011

The Stronger Revolution – part 1


Earlier this year I began writing “journal posts” that revealed my deepest, darkest, most rebellious innermost ideals and convictions.

You showed me though your positive comments and personal notes that you held many of the same “strong sentiments” that I expounded upon close to your heart as well.

After tearing my biceps in March, I continued to write these posts weekly until June, then I slowed down due to the increased amount of athletes I train at Strength Camp during the summer.

The writing of these journal posts, along with your positive reinforcement, gave me the courage to assemble The Manifesto Of Strength, followed by the creation of “The Tribe Of Strength & Wisdom” monthly newsletter, where I reveal even more controversial and thought provoking ideas along with insights for becoming The Strongest Version Of You! (the Tribe currently has over 100 members who will become the foundation for a “practitioner’s” workshop that I’ll be opening next fall).

Well, after a break from writing… I’m back!

I have learned a lot since spring and have reinforced my passion for Strength & Wisdom, as well as my missions in life, that I’d like to share and challenge you with.  Many of these ideas are “revolutionary” in that they spit in the face of conventional thought and wisdom.

Many of the insights contained in this new series, titled The Stronger Revolution, will contain rebellious rants on my convictions about religion, politics, family, health, strength, personal development and manliness.

If you are offended by the things I say… good!  It means that you actually THINK.

Like I’ve said in the past; I offer far more respect to the man who stands firm in his convictions, even though they may be diametrically opposed to mine, than the mental sloth who mindlessly adopts whatever the popular thought at the time may be.

As a believer in God I have far more respect for the thinking atheist than the so-called Christian who has simply adopted the faith of his father.

A man thinks, a child accepts.

I find nothing as revolting as mental slavery and the love of ease.

Give me NOTHING!  I shall only TAKE what is mine.

As I navigate the open market and art galleries of ideas, searching for only that which speaks to my heart, while ignoring the aggressive peddlers of corporate, political and religious agenda-ladened mind viruses…

I have stopped at several interesting tables manned by vendors who’s offering piqued my interest and they have gained what little time and attention I have for study and enrichment.

The following is a list of books, websites and resources that have all played a part in the molding of my current mental condition.

This list is not written in a stone tablet, but is simply an inventory of what I have recently TAKEN to be mine, thus consciously allowing it to dab its color on the canvas of my character.

Alex Jones –, Alex Jones YouTube Channel

Rob Bell –, “Jesus Whats To Save Christians”, NOOMA

Paul Chek – PPS Success Mastery, Paul Chek’s Blog

Art Of Manliness – Art Of Manliness Blog

The Declaration Of Independence – Read The Declaration Of Independence

Zack Brown Band & Alan Jackson – As She’s Walking Away

Brain Tracy - The Luck Factor (these CDs changed my life)

Thomas Jefferson - Jefferson Quotes, Autobiography

Martin Luther King Jr. - The Autobiography Of Martin Luther King Jr.

Chin Ning Chu – Thick Face, Black Heart (one of the best personal development books I’ve ever read)

OSHO –, Osho’s Youtube Channel, Awareness (I’ve read this several times)

Brad Pilon - Eat, Stop, Eat (I’ve have been fasting every spring for spiritual means for 7 years, now I do it weekly.  Great for fat loss also!)

Zen Family Habits - Zen Family Habits Blog

Ron Paul –, Ron Paul Youtube Channel

Eric Hoffer – True Believer

Nick Nilsson - Metabolic Surge (I used this over the summer to lose over 20 pounds of fat)

Rusty Moore – Visual Impact (I’m following a program similar to this now… heavy lifts w/ lots of sprints)

Vishen Lakhiani -, Awesomeness Fest (Colleen and I are going to this next month)

The things you read, watch and the people you surround yourself with ARE SHAPING YOU RIGHT NOW!!

What are you TAKING to shape you?


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