domenica 28 agosto 2011

Two Best Pals Win Women’s Body Building Prize

Best friends Linda Taylor and Diane Cuthbert scooped their local body building contest in Gosport, Hampshire at the weekend and are now on course to take part in the National Amateur Body Builders’ Association’s Novice Britain Finals.

The two women have been body builders for several years now and their dedication paid off at the Solent City Body Building Championships, with Linda coming second and Diane winning the ladies trained figure event, which judges contestants on the quality of their poses.

Linda said that she has always been interested in staying fit and began body building to get back into shape after having children. In 1993 she won two body building prizes and stopped competing for seven years until tempted back when her friend Diane said that she would like her to “keep her company” in the local competition.

Both women said that they train hard, but use only natural supplements and a protein-rich diet to gain their fabulous physiques.


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