mercoledì 21 settembre 2011

Can Cardio Help You Build Muscle?

Regular cardio has been shown to improve digestion, strengthen bones, improve sleep, increase energy levels, strengthen the heart and lungs, and improve circulation. Cardio also helps to rid the body of lactic acid build up.

Lactic acid is what causes the burn that you feel after a hard set. It slows recovery and can contribute to muscle soreness. Since cardio exercise enhances circulation and oxidation of toxic compounds, your body rids itself of post workout lactic acid more quickly when you do regular cardio.

When you add up all of the benefits of cardio, from increasing your energy levels to improving your bodies ability to utilize nutrients, and get rid of toxins. It becomes clear that moderate cardio combined with weight training will help speed your muscle gains.

Here are some good basic guidelines to follow for your cardio workouts:

  • Do at least 20 minutes of cardio 3 times per week. 

  • Work in your Target Heart Rate Zone. To find your "target heart rate" you just subtract your age from 220 to determine your maximum heart rate. Then multiply that number by 0.65 this will give you your "lower target heart rate level", multiply by 0.8 to determine your "upper target heart rate level". 

  • To make things easier you can get a exercise heart rate monitors that you wear on your wrist just like a watch. This will accurately tell you if you are working at the correct intensity level. These cardio heart rate monitors are available at most any department store in the sporting goods section. 

  • Choose a form of cardio exercise that you enjoy. One type is not necessarily better then another. Cardio is cardio; it makes no difference what type of cardio you do. What does matter is how hard you work. Your body will burn the same number of calories at a certain heart rate whether you are riding an exercise bike, using the stair master, or hiking through the woods, it makes no difference in terms of real world results.

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