mercoledì 21 settembre 2011

Why are my steroid gains not what i expected.


When using these hormones, it takes alot more then just inecting or swallowing steroids. You really need to work on Diet and Training. This does not mean your steroids are fake.

Alot of new users to anabolics are people who are actually just plain lazy. I do not want to say this in a mean way, but it is the truth. People today just want a quick fix but dont actually take the time to research what it is that there putting into there own body and it will get them no where.

Trenbolone, is a great steroid it adds lean mass and yes if you are on it you will no the you are loosing fat around your body aswell, it is really a strong compound. This is not for a first time user, but for those who have used the product you may have days you do not eat much, do not exercise as tough and you still have great gains. The side effects of this steroid are the worst and some people can not handle them, but if you can and then you decided to use Testosterone and had the same routine, dont push yourself hard or dont eat as much and then you dont get the great results.

All steroids except Tren and even tren, you have to have your workout and training down. You should be taking in twice as many calories a day then you do when you train natural. Training should be atleast 5 days a week and eating 9 meals a day if you have to.

Unless you are looking to cut. The steroids you should be running are Primobolan and Tren. Primobolan and Tren are steroids that allow you to eat low calorie and at the same time reserve your muscle mass.

If you are Bulking Dball, Testosterone and Deca are great steroids to help you grow big and gain mass.

I hope this helps clear some of the problems up.

Consistency is key. High Calorie aim for atleast 3000 a day and if you can 5000. Yes you are going to gain fat with any steroid cycle, you cut after because most of the weight you put on will be muscle.


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