lunedì 21 novembre 2011

BlackBox Weightlifting

Since moving back to Texas my own training has been hit or miss...mostly miss.  I’ve been able to string together a few good weeks here and there using the local fitness center / athletic club, and my own garage, but nothing spectacular. That all changed with an email I received two weeks ago.  Dutch Lowy, a former top-ranked "Games" competitor and now a full-time Olympic Weightlifter, was opening a brand new facility in Ft Worth, TX (my new home town) and invited me out to train. Never one to turn down an invite to a new gym, I was there a day later, weightlifting shoes in hand and ready to see BlackBox Strength & Conditioning in person.Needless to say I was not disappointed; BlackBox is the real deal.  Dutch has put together an awesome facility.  Multiple platforms, full selection of Pendlay Elite bars and bumpers, jerk and pull boxes, and everything else an Olympic Weightlifter needs to succeed.  Much more than just great equipment, BlackBox offers great coaching and the overall atmosphere that my training was missing.  Training alone in my garage was fine, but there is something to be said about looking down a row of platforms and seeing guys out lifting you to really bump up the motivation.BlackBox Strength & Conditioning is the only facility in Ft Worth to provide exclusive Olympic Weightlifting training sessions throughout the week in addition to general strength and conditioning classes.  Every session is staffed with coaches, and there is a chance you might even see ol’ Doctor Hartman in there doing his best impression of a real weightlifter.  If you are in the area and would like more information including schedules and location, checkout or contact Dutch Lowy at dutch [at] blackboxfw dot com…you will not be disappointed. Also be sure to checkout the BlackBoxFW Youtube Page for videos and highlights from the weekly training sessions.

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