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Weighted Abs Exercises

Of all the muscles in your abs, the rectus is the most superficial (meaning it shows up on the outside).  Along with the external obliques it also responds best to high intensity, low volume exercises such as weighted crunches and other weighted abs exercises.

The best way to train the rectus is with a FULL range of motion.  This is accomplished by fully extending backward prior to the crunching portion of the weighted abs exercises.  So you’ll notice in my weighted abs exercises video below that I attack two different ranges of motion for the abs exercises but both go through a full range of motion due the sandbag beneath by back.

Reverse Cable Woodchops As Exercise –

Place the cable crossover on the setting closest to the ground and attach the single grip handle. Stand roughly in the center of the cable crossover machine with your feet wider than shoulder width apart.

Your foot should be 18-24 inches away from the handle. Bend down and grip the handle with both hands. Keep your arms extended and place your hands next to your hip. Bend your knee, allowing the cable crossover handle to pull your body towards the point where the handle is at rest.

Maintain tension on the cable and don’t let the weights go all the way down to the start position. Begin the movement by pulling the cable up and across your body, towards your opposite shoulder. At the finish point, the cable should be almost completely extended with both arms gripping the handle high above your shoulder-as though you were about to swing an axe. Be sure to rotate your torso and pivot your back foot as you perform the movement. Pause for a one-count, return to the start position and repeat. After you’ve completed 10-15 repetitions, rotate and start from the opposite side.

Reverse Cable Woodchops Exercise – Start Position

Reverse Cable Woodchops exercise

Reverse Cable Woodchops Exercise – Finish Position

Reverse Cable Woodchops exercise

Medicine Ball Twist Abs Exercise –

Sit on a pad with a medicine ball at your side with your knees bent at an approximately 45-degree angle. Your feet should be flat on the floor.

Your back should also be at an approximately 45-degree angle. To perform the movement contract your abs, raise your feel off the floor slightly and grasp the medicine ball.

Keeping your abs contracted, twist slowly from your torso and touch the medicine ball to the floor on the other side of your body. Pause for a one count. Again, keeping your abs contracted, twist your torso and touch the medicine ball to the other side. Repeat.

Medicine Ball Twist Exercise – Start Position

Medicine Ball Twist exercise

Medicine Ball Twist Exercise – Finish Position

Medicine Ball Twist exercise

Everyone, especially athletes, should work to build the strength and thickness of the rectus with these weighted abs exercises.

The rectus works mainly as a form of body armor or protection for the internal organs, in sports like football, hockey, rugby, etc where you may get tackled or have someone drive their shoulder into your stomach, you’ve got to have some strong abs to protect yourself.

Weighted abs exercises are the best way to build this body armor and awesome looking six pack abs ;)

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