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Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing Results!!!

Wow! Great news today :)

I’m two weeks out, and was sooo curious what my body fat is.

I hate calipers and most other forms of body fat testing, because they are highly inaccurate. Luckily, I had heard of a mobile hydrostatic testing service called “Fitness Wave Norcal.” I was able to book an appointment with them for after my clients- yes! Serendipity ;) For those of you who aren’t familiar with hydrostatic body fat testing, it is regarded as the golden standard for body fat testing. It requires you to be submerged underwater and from their assessments it produces a whole spreadsheet of interesting information ;)

The technician explained to me my results: First off, my body fat is currently at 7.49! ;) He says he would have expected me to have about ten pounds LESS of lean muscle, so that means all my years of strength training have paid off! I have a LOT of muscle, baby! I’m a tank!! ;) He also said I have very small bones, which I was shocked to hear! Everyone has told me I’m big boned cuz I’ve been so thick and strong, but seems this gal has the frame of someone SMALL and strong!!!! ;) The technician has worked with a lot of figure competitors, and we chatted about body composition and the different numbers and where can expect them to shift pre and post contest, and it was very elucidating!

I also felt very proud to secure the numbers I did and see how low my body fat was, and how HIGH my muscle mass is– after such hard work to lower the former and build my muscle over time as well as preserve it in this contest prep. My work has paid off! It feels AMAZING. It feels great to try on clothes in “XS” and lots of people are coming up to me in the gym and on the streets, asking me if I compete, asking me what I do, asking if I will give them info on my training (!), telling me I should be in magazines, etc, etc..

On the other hand, three of my friends have asked me to GAIN weight and it really irritated me that they do not support my leanness. I would rather they address what I perceive to be their true concern- my lack of energy…I DO agree that post competition I do not want to continue to be a lethargic, single-minded, anti-social slug (lol). I DO not agree that I need to gain a bunch of weight to be healthy! I AM healthy, I LOOK healthy, I am love looking ripped and want to look MORE ripped– I think that post competition I can maintain leanness, and just need to adjust my training and nutrition style to my own design- more of a lifestyle design than following someone else’s pre-contest program. With training, ultimately, I am thinking of tossing most steady state cardio for short, high intensity interval sessions, and following a nutrition style similar to Fighter Diet by Pauline Nordine. Despite contemplation, the post competition routine remains a big question mark. How will I feel? What will I feel inclined to continue? To change? VERY, very important questions, indeed, that influence the psychological and physical health of competitors, but questions that I feel I can’t answer yet. It will all soon be revealed!

So, I’m on my way. Still tired. Still truckin through. Tryna strap these heels on and get a better stride down. I asked my coach how I can win first, and she said it just depends on who shows up! It’s true, there may be seasoned veterans who show up with bangin, well-sculpted and refined physiques, with experience and poise and all….but all I can do is do my best. *cheezy grins* And give a lil SASS! Right??? I’ll try!!

In the meantime, here’s some eye candy/my latest inspiration, Vanessa Tib



Love and lunges,


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