sabato 19 novembre 2011

Training Theory

There is a consistent debate in the Olympic Weightlifting world over which is the best training program.  I use the term “best” loosely, because first and foremost, there is NO best program for everyone; if there was one program, we all would be currently using it with great success.  Although explaining performance in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting is a multi-factorial problem there is little doubt that maximum strength is a key component.  That being said, strength in the absence of technique is worthless on the platform.  To compete and win in Olympic Weightlifting an athlete has to be strong and have the appropriate technique that allows them to lift progressively heavy loads leading up to competition.  However, strength and technique do not exist in a vacuum independent of one another, In my mind, failure to make lifts at 95%+ of maximum is due to TECHNIQUE failure, which is largely due to the inability to maintain the same body position as with lighter loads, which is essentially lack of STRENGTH. Successful training programs can take on many forms and I would argue that any program will produce results given the right attitude, consistency, and work ethic of the athlete.  As long as the training program is used to improve strength and technique simultaneously, and does not favor one quality at the expense of the other, and takes into account the individual needs of the athlete, any program can be successful.

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