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Weightlifting in Paradise: Kaua’i Snatch Clinic Videos


When Leslie and I checked into our hotel in Kaua’i for our honey moon the first thing we did was inquire about the workout facilities.  To our chagrin the only option at the hotel was a bowflex.  That’s it. Let me tell you, there is only so much two Olympic lifters are going to be able to do with a bowflex!  But, we grinned and worked out on it every day.

Then, about 4 days into it, on one of our walks, we stumbled across a sign that had a heavenly word on it … a word that hit us like a ton of bricks:  CrossFit.

Here we’d been wasting our time pumpin’ and-a flexin’ on a bowflex when there was a CrossFit club within a mile of our hotel!  Why I didn’t just hit up Google before hand I don’t know.  But, there it is.

So, I emailed the owner and inquired about their day-rates, and told him about about myself.  The owner, Jerome was really cool and relaxed, and when he found out I was an Oly coach he asked if I’d run a clinic for his folks.

Now we were talking!  Any time I can coach some weightlifting I’m happy.

My wife filmed it, and below is the whole thing.  I split the vid into 4 parts, and added in a little extra video of my own lifters here performing the positions I taught the group.

The sound isn’t great – we were outside (yes, they get to workout outside every day!!), we only had our flip-cam, and there was some parrot in the background trying to join in – I think it was a parrot.

The first 3 videos each describe one of the three main positions that I like to teach in the order I like to teach them: Hip, Knee, Floor.

The last video is a Q&A where I answer 3 questions.

Should you explode fast from the knee in a full snatch?How do you deal with “press-outs”?What is the difference between a Clean pull and a Snatch pull

This was a totally impromptu clinic, and I didn’t have my normal demonstrators (Arron, Brandon, or Peter), so it is a bit “rough” around the edges.  But, it was a lot of fun, in a beautiful location, with a really awesome group of people.  I loved how inquisitive and eager to learn the group was.

Thank you Kaua’i CrossFit and coach Jerome Hromiak (and shout-out to Sunshine!) for the time at your gym.  Can’t wait to get back there!

If you ever find yourself in Kaua’i, make sure you check out the Kaua’i CrossFit.  WAY better than a bowflex! :)

Part 1 – The Hip Position

Part 2 – The Knee Position

Part 3 – The Floor Position



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