lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Going Under

The best weightlifters in the world are the ones who get under the bar the fastest.

In order to lift the most weight possible, a lifter has to have an explosive (complete) 2nd pull while pulling under the bar as fast as possible; any wasted effort pulling the bar upward is inevitably going to slow the lifter from pulling under the bar. All novice lifters go through a similar progression learning the lifts where errors are corrected – eliminate bent arms, finish the pull, catch in the right position, etc.  Going under the bar, and doing so fast, is something that is not always taught at the beginning.  It is almost assumed that as the weight gets heavier a lifter will naturally go lower under the bar to catch the weight.  

For many lifters who initially learned to perform power cleans that better resemble a cheat curl the tendency remains to catch the bar in an upright position.  The ability exists to squat under the weight, yet there is sometimes hesitation in doing so. The good news is that this can be improved; the bad news is that it takes time and practice. Speed under the bar comes with repetition; 100s and 100s of repetitions.  It is not something that changes over night, but it will happen in time.  Obviously, the newer you are to performing the lifts the easier this learning curve will occur. Once you get in the right positions it is just a matter of doing it.  Lifts from the hang and high hang, doubles, and eliminating power lifts (power snatch / power clean) from training will definitely help.  It is also important to remember that “going under” the bar is an active movement.  Do not let the weights passively pull you down.  As legendary American coach Joe Mills instructed his lifters, “stand up and jump down”. Squatting under the bar can be seen as an independent act that must occur if you plan to lift heavier weights.

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