lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

Video: How To Do A Close Grip Power Snatch From The Hang … Long Name!

Here’s a quick video I did explaining how to do a Close Grip Power Snatch from the High Hang.  While that name is stupidly long, the exercise is one of the easiest versions of an Olympic lift that you can possibly do.  And when learned in the way I’m teaching it here, it translates very well to the full lifts (if you choose to learn them in the future).

The sound is a bit tough in spots.  Our gym is on a busy street, we train with the doors open, and I forgot to close them!!  Oops …

Hat tip to Adam Stoffa, of the blog Stretch Exercise Eat, for asking me to do this.

The lifter in the video is Peter Curcio (AKA, Petarski).  The camera dude is Brandon Tovey (The Toyev).

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