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How To Build Your Endurance

November 15th, 2010

Hey my friend… welcome back!

Hey Nino as always…. it’s great to back!

Nino that being said here…. do you mind if I ask you a question here today, in regards to “my” training?

My friend absolutely…. what is it?

Ok Nino it’s pretty straight forward here… what’s the best way here, to build “my” overall endurance?

My friend… that’s a great question!

My friend that being said here, believe or not there are alot of young bodybuilders here like yourself out there in our society here today, who want to know the same thing ok!

Gee Nino… your joking?

My friend, this is certainly no joke here today… ok!

My friend that being said here… are you ready to hear my opinion today, on the best way to build your overall endurance?

Absolutely Nino… let’s hear it!

Ok my friend… here we go again!

Ok my friend many bodybuilders out there in our society here today, try alot of different training techniques that will hopefully help build their endurance over time here, but they seem to fall a little short to making that happen..ok!

My friend that being said here, I myself have fallen in that same situtation many times here in the past as well… that is until just recently ok!

My friend… would you like to hear on what I’m doing now, that seems to be really helping in boosting up “my” endurance quite a bit here as of late?

Yeah Nino… let’s hear it!

Ok my friend first I decided that I needed to drop the weight that I was using here, when perfoming “my” sets!

Gee Nino… why’s that?

Nino because the only reason that I’m asking you this… isn’t your main goal here, to try to build as much muscle as you can here, each time that your in the gym training?

Absolutely my friend… that is “my” main goal here, since day one that I stepped into the gym here ok!

Ok Nino I’m a little confused here today….how’s that possible if your dropping the weight here lately, when your training?

Well my friend listen-up here… because I’m about to tell you!

My friend… are you listening?

My friend because this will answer your question here today, in how to go about building your endurance here… when your training ok!

Ok Nino… I’m definitely all ears here today!

Ok my friend first of all here…. as I quickly found out if I wanted to build “my” endurance here, I needed to drop the weight that I was using, so I could get in more reps ok!

My friend that being said… the second thing, that I needed to start doing here also in order to help build “my” endurance, was to cut “my” rest period to about thirty seconds in between”my” sets ok!

My friend all this being said here if you start training like this for about six weeks here, I can almost guarantee you that you will start seeing your endurance here increase quite a bit… “No Excuses”!

My friend that being said here… what do say we go to the gym together now, and put “my” theory in the test here today?

Nino I couldn’t agree with you more… let’s go take the endurance test!

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