sabato 3 dicembre 2011

Less workouts, VERY Clean Diet= Unparalleled Low Body Fat

So peeps, just a quick update on what’s up. My first ever figure competition is THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!! AGHHH!!! The hardest part will still be the walking in heels (so far, that’s how it appears). My workouts have gotten less and less intense, and shorter and shorter– yet because I remain steadfast in my clean eating, I CONTINUE to drop body fat. It’s amazing! I weighed in at 122.4 pounds today. What the heck?! Craziness. That is LOW for me. Very low. Very awesome! Funny to say “yayyy!! Hitting record LOWS!”~~

So this week I am just doing some light depletion workouts and a little bit of light cardio. The increased rest is increasing my energy levels and brightening my mood. Contest prep is going well except I should have started walking/posing a long time ago, and I realize that I should NOT have cut sodium from my diet months ago. Sodium manipulation is a key variable in figure competition peak day form, and I involuntarily eliminated that from my bag of tricks. Oops! If and when I do another figure comp, I will be sure to salt my food the whole time, so when it’s right before contest, I can pull the salt and get a majorly increased shredded look.

Tomorrow is my last planned workout before the show, and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I am slated for no workouts!! WOO HOO!! Already did my grad school work this week, so just have working with clients, getting my head straight, getting mah hair did and mah nails done and mah eyebrows threaded and applying Jan-Tana, prepping my food, driving up to Santa Rosa the night before, all that jazz.

Talk to you soon! XOXO

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