sabato 3 dicembre 2011

Victory Is Around The Corner!

February 15th, 2011

My friend…. welcome back!

Gee my friend…. why the long face today??

Gee Nino you noticed… huh!

Nino that being said… I’ve been a little down here lately?

My friend talk to “me” here today…. what’s the problem?

Well Nino lately “my” life has been quite the challenge here… I just don’t know what to do ok!

My friend…guess what?

Gee Nino… what is it?

Well my friend your definitely not alone here today…ok!

My friend that being said here… “my” life also has been extremely difficult here, lately too ok!

My friend I’ll bet you, there are quite a bit of people out there in our society today, who can say the same thing about their lives lately too… ok!

My friend that being said here… God wants “me” to give you and “me” as well here today, a very special message coming strictly from “him” here ok!

My friend… would you like to hear that special message from God here, that pertains to us all here today??

Absolutely Nino… let “me” hear it!

My friend it’s quite simple here…. God wants us all to keep fighting the good fight here, because “he” promises us that victory is just around the corner ok!

Gee Nino… would you mind giving “me” an example here today, of what God means by that here?

My friend absolutely… listen up!

My friend I truly believe that God is saying to us all here today, to keep our heads looking up to “him” NOT on the ground, and continue to press on through these very difficult circumstances that we’re facing right now, because as always here “he’s” right by our sides at ALL times….”No Excuses”!

My friend that being said here… if we ALL choose to do this together with God here today, there is absolutely NO way no matter how bad our circumstances seem to look right now in our lives! My friend one thing is sure to happen to ALL of us here today ok!

Gee Nino…what might that be?

My friend it’s quite here today, complete VICTORY in our difficult circumstances that we’re facing right now, with God leading the way….”No Excuses”!! Entry Filed under: Motivation

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