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Weekend Link Love: Brain Teaser Edition

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chain 1Over at The Primal Challenge (fitting name), more than thirty people are officially taking on the 30-day Primal Blueprint Challenge and logging their progress throughout the month.

How safe is your home? The Daily Infographic explains the chemical composition of your house.’s back again with more of their shameful gotcha journalism. I for one love the taste of wood pulp in my bagels and ammonia in my burgers, and everyone knows that fake berries and artificial orange flavor taste better than the real things. You’ve got me on your side, food industry.

Chronic diseases, like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, mental illness, and respiratory illness, are slated to cost the globe $47 trillion by 2030, according to a recent study by the World Economic Forum. Going Primal suddenly doesn’t sound so expensive, does it?

According to ergonomics researchers at Cornell, standup workstations are overrated and people should be sitting to work at a computer. They say the key is getting up and moving around on a regular basis. I agree that everyone should be moving, but I find their arguments against standing to be unpersuasive. What do you think?

Dr. William Davis gets some love from, where he gives an interview and talks about his new book “Wheat Belly.” Good interview, I just wished we got to see a shot of Davis flexing for the camera.

A woman is spending a month training for a marathon and eating only McDonald’s. She got sick after her first five mile run. Yeah, I’m sure this’ll go great! (And man is Ronald McDonald a creeper; check out that picture.)

Long-time Primal fan Leah made something extremely cool to sell on Etsy, apparently inspired by MDA. I’m honored. Fans of bacon should click this link immediately.

Miss crackers? (That’s a question, not a detective from Masterpiece Theater.) Try these crackers from Paleo on Main Street.Get filthy with Paleo dirty rice.

Two years ago (Sep 20 – Sept 26)

“Let’s eat Grandma.”
“Let’s eat, Grandma.”

Punctuation saves lives. LOL

- Amen, Sarah.

djubi gameThe Prize:

Toys! I write and talk a lot about nutrition and exercise, but there’s so much more that goes into health and wellness. One of these is “Play.” So today I’m giving away…

Djubis. Frisbee is fun, but occasionally you need a change-up. Enter the Djubi. My best description of this game would be slingshot lacrosse using the rules of Ultimate. The balls have good zip, heavier than modern-day Nerf fare, they’re more akin to the old school, tough 1980's Nerf balls that could obliterate a Lego castle if shot from an air canon. Tip: They’re best used in a large, open space, because they can really fly. See ‘em in action here. They even have their own Facebook page.

You may want to do this as a group, so the winner of today’s contest gets six pairs of Djubis. That’s enough for a twelve person game. 

The Contest:

UPDATE: A winner has been announced in the comment boards, so this contest is now closed.

Post the answers to the following clues in the comment board. Each answer relates in some way to the Primal lifestyle. The first person to answer all of them correctly wins the prize. Good luck!

1. Dr. Dre’s chosen method of ambulation.

2. Eaten, it’s a delicacy. Diagnosed, it means insulin resistance.

3. Aufero Canis Lupus.

4. What’s smooth when young, hairy when old, and produces edible liquid?

5. Transplants some to health, certain Pleistocene hominids to bigger brains.

6. Nutritious homophone.

7. Capcom boss, wise guy, wallower.

8. Rhymes with presidential hopeful, completing a session is like being “how it sounds.”

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