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Is Skip La Cour REALLY “Natural” ?

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I’m sure you’ve heard about Skip La Cour’s new Simple Bodybuilding Nutrition program by now. But if you haven’t, then you can check it out for yourself over at Skip’s website:

Anyway, the feedback from this program has been very positive. Skip has been coaching bodybuilders to get in top contest shape for over 20 years, so he really knows his stuff. He’s a master when it comes to effective nutrition strategies for packing on lean muscle mass AND getting ripped.

In fact, the only real “negative” thing that we’ve been hearing is some people don’t believe that
Skip La Cour is REALLY Natural…

A lot of people just assume that because he’s in great shape and a champion bodybuilder that
“He Must Be Taking Steroids…”

So the question a lot of people have been asking is:

Is Skip La Cour REALLY “Natural” ?

Skip La Cour

Now I was actually chatting with Skip about this very question today. After all, he’s been in the bodybuilding limelight for years so he’s been asked this question a thousand times before. And he had a very good answer to all the steroid accusations…


In natural (drug-tested) bodybuilding, there has to be “cheaters”. People who use steroids in the off-season or even during their contest prep and go off it in time for the drugs to clear their system. This is very evident from reading message boards and talking to people, there are plenty of cheaters in natural shows. Steroid users who compete in the drug tested shows and get away with it (you rarely even hear about anyone getting caught).

Even with this problem obviously existing, many natural bodybuilders get very upset when you “attack” them and say that they are liars. I can understand that, if they truely are natural and work really hard to get to where they are at they will obviously get upset when someone call them a cheater. Still, they have to realize that they will be subject to great scrutiny when there are cheaters present in the sport.

To get to my question now: Since there obviously are plenty of steroid users competing in natural bodybuilding; how are we supposed to believe that the very best show-winning guys are natural? A good steroid using bodybuilder will certainly beat a great natural one in a competition.

Skip’s Answer:

In every man’s life, he eventually must use his own intuition and instincts, man-up, and make his own decisions.

You have to do that when choosing a girlfriend, business partner, doctor, and even taxi cab driver.

Is every extremely attractive woman a gold-digging, manipulating whore? Some men believe they ALL are–and they create a set of patterns and actions based on that belief. Are SOME extremely attractive women gold-digging, manipulating whores? Yes. Can you always judge a woman’s integrity based on her looks (meaning the more attractive she is, the more “corrupt” she is)? No.

Is every extremely competent and successful potential business partner an unethical, con artist? Some people believe they ALL are–and they create a set of patterns and actions based on that belief. Are SOME extremely competent and successful potential business partners unethical con artists? Yes. Can you always judge a potential business partner’s integrity based on how much money he makes (meaning the more money he makes, the more “corrupt” he is)? No.

Is every doctor incompetent and does extra work on you only to fraudulently charge your insurance company? Some people believe they ALL are–and they create a set of patterns and actions based on that belief. Are SOME doctors incompetent and fraudulently charge your insurance company? Yes. Can you always judge a how competent and ethical a doctor is based on how many patients he has (meaning the more he has, the more “corrupt” he is)? No.

And, not every taxi cab driver is going to take you the long way to your destination just to rip you off for a little extra money–although many people believe that ALL taxi cab drivers are corrupt.

Just like choosing a girlfriend, business partner, doctor, or taxi cab driver, use your own instincts to believe who is truly drug free and who is a “lying, cheating, con artist.”

Get a feel for who they are by how they communicate–and then make you own decision. The internet, with all of the articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts that the bodybuilder communicates with will make your job of using your own judgement a lot easier.

Here’s another piece of advice:

I would guess that 10% of the human population would consider THEMSELVES happy and successful (and that is probably a stretch). I would guess only 50% of the human population would even say that they are even “satisfied” in life (again, that is probably a stretch).

The VERY WORSE thing you can do is make your personal decisions in life based on what random people who you don’t even know have to say (the “masses”). In fact, if you think and take action (or don’t take action) like the masses, you are going to have some serious challenges in life. No doubt about it. I would try to find out what the top 10% are thinking and doing–and take that route.

If you have an experience dealing with an unethical woman, business partner, doctor, taxi cab driver–or even a “so called drug free bodybuilder”–just MOVE ALONG and find someone you can TRUST. Don’t whine and complain like the unhappy, disgruntled masses do.

Successful people in life move on and find a good woman, business partner, doctor, taxi cab driver–BECAUSE THEY ARE FOCUSED ON GETTING WHAT THEY WANT IN LIFE and NOT WHAT THEY DON’T WANT.

Only whiners want to hear other people whine.

And, yes, there are extremely attractive truly good women, savvy and honest businessmen, competent and caring doctors, fair taxi cab drivers, and accomplished and well-developed drug free bodybuilders in the world who live with integrity JUST LIKE YOU DO–despite what the “masses” may think.

One more point:

Don’t ever waste your time trying tell an extremely attractive, good woman that you think ALL extremely attractive women are whores; telling a savvy and honest businessman that you think that ALL savvy businessmen are crooks; telling a competent and caring doctor that you think ALL doctors are all “quacks”; or telling an honest taxi cab drivers that you think ALL taxi cab drivers are crooks.

They don’t really give a damn what your issues, beliefs, or bad experiences are because they don’t apply to them. They just focus on the people in this world who know who they are and what they are all about.

That’s YOUR world–not theirs. They’ll just go ahead and let you live in the world you’ve chosen to live in. The more confidence they have in themselves, the less likely they’ll even step into your world and explain anything to you because they are so focused in living with purpose and direction in their own world. They won’t make it their personal responsibility to get you to cross over.

You know who does want to hear what you have to say about “bad” women, business, doctors, taxi cab drivers, and so called drug free bodybuilders?

The “masses.”

Use your intuition and instincts, man-up, and make your own decisions. Just remember that the beliefs you adopt will determine how you proceed in the future–and your level of success.

Train hard. Think BIG.

Skip La Cour

That’s some potent food for thought, isn’t?
Not just for bodybuilding, but for life in general.

(Note: I hope you actually took the time to read Skip’s Answer above and never just skimmed through to the bottom. It’s worth taking a few minutes and actually reading what he has to say.)

Bottom line, I fully endorse Skip and his programs. This guy walks the talk and has competed in top level National Drug Tested Bodybuilding Shows, not only that but he’s maintained a lean, muscular, and healthy physique for over 20+ years now. That’s the kind of bodybuilding role model I look up to!

Simple Bodybuilding Nutrition

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