lunedì 29 agosto 2011

Octogenerian Body Builder Seeks More Trophies

Britain’s oldest body builder revealed plans this week to “rewrite the world records in the 80 plus class,” in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper.

Ted Brown, an 81-year-old great grandfather of one and grandfather of six, has been a dedicated body builder all of his life and has been a power lifter for over 40 years, scooping 27 British titles over the years. He also holds the UK record for the 80kg squat lift, the 120kg bench press and the 200kg to 500kg dead-lift.

Ted trains constantly at his local gym in Bletchley and bases his diet on protein-rich natural foods and supplements. He also avoids drinking and smoking, he told the Mail.

He went on to reveal that he is planning to compete in October’s All England Championships in Northampton and the British Drug Free World Championships, to be held this November in Glasgow – if he can find a sponsor.


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