lunedì 29 agosto 2011

Peterborough Body Building Couple Reveal Training Secrets


Peterborough’s premier body building couple Rob Reinaldo and Vanda Pessoa revealed the secrets of their dietary and workout regime this week in a candid interview with the local paper.

The couple told the Peterborough Evening Telegraph that a natural high-protein diet with only natural body building supplements worked hand in glove with three daily training sessions – beginning with a 45-minute cardio vascular routine at 4am. This is followed at 2pm with weight-training, before another cardio workout at 8pm ends the day’s exertions.

Rob is a local fitness instructor and personal trainer, and has been a body builder since 1998, having moved to Peterborough from his native Portugal seven years ago, when he began entering professional competitions.

He has since scooped the British Champion title an incredible four times, either as heavyweight or super heavyweight champ.

His partner Vanda, also Portuguese, is training hard for the summit of female body building recognition – Miss Olympia. She has been bodybuilding since 2000 and said that their shared interest makes motivating each other to train easy.


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